Recent Courses

I’ve taught at Yale University and University of California, Santa Barbara, since 1979. The following are courses in my core teaching repertory during the last two decades — those that have made it into the digital age where I have syllabi that I retain.

Undergraduate Courses

English 25 — Literature and the Information, Media, and Communication Revolutions

English 113MI — Modern Literary Theory
in Literary Studies

English 146DS — Data Stories: Theory and Practice of Data-driven Narratives in the Digital Age

English 149 — Literature+ (Cross-Disciplinary Models of Literary Interpretation)

English 197 — Hacking Literary Interpretation

English 197 — Close Reading and Distant Reading
in Literary Studies

English 197 — Introduction to Digital Humanities

Graduate Courses

English 238 — Critical Infrastructure Studies

English 238 — Digital Humanities: Introduction to the Field

English 238 — The Humanities and Data Science

English 236 — Literature+ (New Media & Literary Interpretation: Close, Distant, and Other Reading)

English 236 — Textuality and New Media Ecologies, 1600-2000

English 236 — Landscape and the Social Imaginary: Romantic Landscape and Cyberspace

English 591 — Doctoral Colloquium

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