English 197: Introduction to Digital Humanities (Fall 2022)

This is the main course website. There is also a course Canvas site for uploading assignments.

Quarter: Winter 2022
Class Meeting Time: Tues & Thurs, 3:30-4:45pm
Location: South Hall 2623
InstructorAlan Liu | Office Hours: Tue, 4:50-5:30 or by appt., South Hall 2521

This course is also open with the instructor’s permission to students from other majors and class years. (Contact Prof. Liu to inquire and for an add code: )

This course introduces important types and methods of the digital humanities (“DH”). Topics include the emergence of digital humanities as a field, “distant reading,” text encoding, text analysis (including various methods of quantitative analysis, topic modeling, and “word embedding”), artificial-intelligence “large language models,” social network analysis, and GIS mapping. A key aspect of the course is the balance it seeks between ideas and technology. Far-reaching ideas about literature and other areas of social and cultural life are reexamined from a technological perspective, and, reciprocally, current technology is thought about in relation to far older and more extensive domains of technê (human arts and skills).

The course gives students a hands-on introduction to  digiral humanities methods and tools through weekly practicums designed for beginners. (No previous technical experience or expertise is required.) Other assignments include two “project proposals” (proposals for digital-humanities projects that are explained and planned out but, due to time constraints in an academic quarter do not have to be executed).