English 25 (S 2022) – Bibliography for Class 25

Bibliography for English 25 (S 2022) — Class 25

The following is the part of the English 25 bibliography relevant to this class. (Also see: cumulative course bibliography.)

Heuser, Ryan, and Long Le-Khac. A Quantitative Literary History of 2,958 Nineteenth-Century British Novels: The Semantic Cohort Method. Stanford Literary Lab, 2012, http://litlab.stanford.edu/LiteraryLabPamphlet4.pdf. Cite
Underwood, Ted. “Seven Ways Humanists Are Using Computers to Understand Text.” The Stone and the Shell, 2015, https://tedunderwood.com/2015/06/04/seven-ways-humanists-are-using-computers-to-understand-text/. Cite