Class 7 (English 25 – Spring2021)

Class Business

  • For those interested:

    Ryan Leach’s English 146IF course, “Introduction to Interactive Fiction,” Summer B.

    “This course acquaints students with the electronic literature genres of choice-based and parser-based interactive fiction. We start with choice-based Twine and Ink games before moving on to the parser-based Inform, not only critically evaluating already existing games, but also learning how to write both fiction and criticism within these authoring systems. By the end of the class, students will learn several programming languages (Twine, Ink, Inform7), while also discovering new modes of humanistic inquiry in the digital age (multimodal criticism, source code analysis, and other digital humanities methods). No prior programming experience required.”

    • Part of the Creative Computing Initiative in summer session.

Upcoming Readings (Schedule)

  • Upcoming next section of course and readings (see Schedule)
    • For Wednesday’s readings (Claude Shannon, Warren Weaver), concentrate on concepts. (Don’t worry about the details of the math.)
    • For Friday’s readings (in computer history), concentrate on concepts and the main historical story. (Don’t worry about details.)

Lecture 7:

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