Class 3 (English 25 – Spring2021)

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Enrollment process (for students on wait list, crashing, or switching sections)

Through the end of the first week of instruction (through the end of Friday April 2), students on the wait list in GOLD will be auto-added to the course enrollment when spaces open up.

After Friday April 2, auto-add from the wait list will be turned off. From that point on, the course TAs will give add codes depending on available spaces to those on the wait list or those wishing to crash the course (and also to enrolled students who wish to switch sections.)

Important for students need to switch sections or who are not yet enrolled in the course: To assist the TAs in managing section-switching and enrollment requests, please fill out this Google enrollment request form between Friday April 2 at 2pm  and Sunday April 4 at noon  if you are:

  • enrolled in the course but need to switch sections,
  • on the wait list and hope to enroll,
  • not on the wait list and hope to crash the course.

Required Texts for the Course


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Lecture 3:

“Overture” Section of course and readings for next classes (see Schedule page)

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