Notes and Links for Presentation in Lynne Siemen’s seminar on “Issues in Large Project Planning and Management” (DHSI, U. Victoria)

1. Small-Team Digital Projects

Selected UCSB English Department Small-Team Projects

Some (Tentative) Principles of Small-Team Projects

  • Team model + POST method (Forrester Research group on POST)
    • Team-first versus project-first philosophy (i.e., the difference between the academy and business)
    • Differentiation of skills/tasks
    • Parity of interests and intellectual engagement in project (“mindshare” problem)
    • Simultaneous work tracks (i.e., avoid “engineer-first” project design)
    • Project collaboration logistics:
      • hands-on supervision
      • lead research assistant
      • weekly face-to-face meetings
      • content-management-system as staging ground for work (or equivalent: blogs, wikis, Google Docs, etc.)

2. Large, Distributed Digital Projects

Selected UCSB/UC Large Collaborative Projects

Some Problems of Large, Distributed Projects

  • Normal humanities large-scale formats for working and sharing interim results not fully useful (e.g., conferences, editions)
    • Cost and logistics issues
    • Not collaborative-goal oriented
  • Need to scale modularly into multiple small-team groups (e.g., Transliteracies research working groups
  • Need to cross between disciplines
  • Need to bridge across multiple geographical locations
    • Small-scale face-to-face workshops
    • Remote meetings
    • Asynchronous use of video/audio recordings
    • Staff-to-staff financial coordination / group and task-oriented budget reporting