Class 1 (English 25 – Spring 2023)

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“Class Notes” pages (like the one you are looking at here) and “Biblio” pages are linked from icons for each class listed on the Schedule page.

— Canvas site (for section discussion forums & submitting assignments) —

— Honors Section (English 25S) —

There is also a 1-credit honors section English 25S, which may be taken by Honors Students also enrolled in English 25. The honors course meets in person each Monday at 3:00-3:50 in South Hall 2623. Manicule [The first meeting will be on April 10th, at the beginning of the second week of the quarter.] If you are interestd in the honors course, please ask for an add-code from Prof. Liu ().

Enrollment process (for students on wait list, crashing, or switching sections)

Beginning on the first day of instruction, additional student-initiated enrollment in the course through GOLD is blocked so that the TAs can manage adding students to the course. However, students already on the wait list in GOLD will continue to be auto-enrolled as spaces open up during the first week. (After Friday April 7, auto-enroll from the wait list will be turned off.)

From the beginning of the second week on, all course enrollment is managed by the TAs, who will give add codes based on available spaces to the wait list, crashers, and enrolled students switching sections. Important: To assist the TAs in assigning add codes, any student not yet enrolled or needing to switch sections must fill out this Google enrollment request form between Friday April 7 at 2 pm  and Sunday April 9 at 12 pm (noon). This form is for students

  • enrolled in the course but needing to switch sections,
  • on the wait list,
  • not on the wait list and crashing.

Manicule Section attendence in first week to hold place in course: Students must attend the section they are enrolled in during the first week of the quarter to hold their place in the course. (Students unable to make the section they are enrolled in due to conflicts, and also students on the wait list or wishing to crash, must attend some section in the first week to be allowed into the course.)

How this course will work

Readings (see Texts for English 25)

  • Please read the readings on the Schedule before the lecture for which they are assigned.


  • In-person lectures only: Students who attend lectures regularly have historically done much better in grades in this course. Prof. Liu will not be recording lectures or making his slides available online.

Assignments (See Assignments page)

To pass English 25, students must complete all course and section assignments. (See also Prof. Liu’s “Intellectual Property & Academic Integrity Guidelines.”)

  • Three short essays
  • Midterm & Final Exams
  • Three required, ungraded assignments

Screenshot of English 25 assignment for creating your system for downloading, organizing, and annotating online readings


  • Sections meet in person. Please go to your section meeting this week to hold your place in the course. (If you are not yet enrolled in the course, you must go to some section meeting this week.)
  • Section activities also include participation in a discussion forum on the Canvas site. For the discussion forums, some students will present summaries of readings each week, and the other students will respond to the summaries. TAs will provide instructions.
  • 16.67% of the final grade for the course is determined by a student’s TA on the basis of a performance in section discussion and activities. No more than one section meeting during the quarter may be missed without zeroing out the section participation grade. (Exceptions due to unavoidable circumstances must normally be requested in advance from a student’s TA.

Office hours

  • For the office hours of the instructor and TAs, see the course Overview page.


Lecture 1

Fleuron icon (small) Introduction: Concept & Structure of the Course

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