English 146DS (W 2023) – Student Teams (and Team Resources)

Student Teams (and Team Resources)for English 146 (W 2023)

Data Stories: Theory and Practice of Data-driven Narratives in the Digital Age

Course Collaboration Resources

Team 1

Supervising Instructor:
Alan Liu

  • Anya Macomber (STSDS/English)
  • Alex Perez (Chemistry)
  • Kyle Rokes (English/Writing)
  • Isaiah Sczbecki (English)

Team 2

Supervising Instructor:
Alan Liu

  • Grant Cai (STSDS/English/Writing)
  • Colette Harmon (English)
  • Ken Knight (English)
  • Framework Planning Document
  • Storyboard

Team 3

Supervising Instructor:
Leila Stegemoeller

  • Hannah Adams (English)
  • Toby Fowler (Linguistics)
  • Emily Franklin (English)
  • Coby Jolish (Biology)

Team 4

Supervising Instructor:
Leila Stegemoeller

  • Stephanie Camacho (English)
  • Catherine Mendez (English)
  • Jeffrey Mun (Computer Science)
  • Sarah Young (English)

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