Class 1(English 146DS – Winter 2023)

Class Business

Recent data project instructors worked on together: WhatEvery1Says (WE1S)

Plan for today’s class: Introduction to course

Course Materials

Main course website:

Canvas site:

Introduction to the Course

Context and Idea of the Course


Readings are on course Schedule page

  • Readings (all readings are online)
    • Course bibliography (cumulative & for each class)
    • Readings for next class
      • For discussion in next class: Which do you think is the best data story?


Assignments are on course Schedule page

  • Solo assignments (60% of final grade)
    • An analysis of a narrative due in Class 4 (10%).
    • A pair of spreadsheets of data due in Class 9 (10% of final grade)
    • A “datasheet report” due in Class 13 (10% of final grade)
    • A final 3-page essay due by 11:59 pm on March 14th, 2021 (20% of final grade)
    • Participation grade (10%)
  • Team project: data narrative (40% of final grade)
  • Course Policies

Hans Rosling’s Data Narrative

  • “Freytag’s Pyramid” of dramatic structure (Gustav Freytag, Die Technik des Drama, 1863)

    Freytag's Pyramid of dramatic structure
    Freytag’s Pyramid of dramatic structure

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