English 146DS (W 2022) – Course Tech

Course Technology for English 146 (W 2022):
Data Stories

Templates for Assignments (Google Drive folder)

Templates have “view”-only permissions. To use a template, download a copy and save it for editing in your own location (for solo assignmets) or team shared drive (for team assignments).

Grading Rubrics (Google Drive folder)

Team Shared Google Drives

  • Team 1
  • Team 2
  • Team 3
  • Team 4
  • [etc.]

Workstations in SSMS 1005

The workstations in SSMS 1005 include a variety of standard and specialized software. Note that they are configured so that students cannot install or alter software, and cannot create persistent folders or files. Please save your work to your own online locations or to your laptops or flash drives.