“The Humanities: A Technical Profession” (ACLS Annual Meeting)

“The Humanities: A Technical Profession.” Public Session of the annual meeting of the ACLS. Washington, D.C. 8 May 2004.

  • This talk was subsequently published with minor revisions as “The Humanities: A Technical Profession.” 2007. In Andrew Delbanco, Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Alan Liu, and Catharine R. Stimpson, with an Introduction by Rebecca Chopp. The Idea and Ideals of the University (ACLS Occasional Paper No. 63). <http://www.acls.org/op63.pdf> [full text in .pdf format] [See Note for the relation between this 2007 published version and the original publication of the paper as an essay in 2005 in Teaching, Technology, Textuality: Approaches to New Media, ed. Michael Hanrahan and Deborah Madsen (Basingstoke [England]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005): 11-26.]