“Digital Humanities and Academic Change” (Southern Methodist U.)

“Digital Humanities and Academic Change.” Gilbert Lecture Series. Southern Methodist University. 16 April 2009.

Interior of Dallas Hall, Southern Methodist University

  • Talk abstract: “Taking as his starting point a series of digital projects he started (beginning with the Voice of the Shuttle in 1994), Professor Liu argues that the digital humanities are catalyzing fundamental changes in humanities practices (writing,reading, interpreting, criticism, peer review, and teaching) and organization (especially the academic department, which Liu’s own department has remodeled around internal, entrepreneurial ‘centers’). His emphasis is on the evolving relation between what the humanities ‘know’ and alternative paradigms of knowledge in the sciences, engineering, and social sciences. The talk scales from the practical to the theoretical, and ends on a guess that the digital humanities augur a new humanities that might be called the ‘global humanities.'”
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