“Critical Infrastructure Studies — A Primer” (U. Texas at Austin)

“Critical Infrastructure Studies — A Primer.” University of Texas at Austin, 4 September 2019.

  • Abstract: What have been the main approaches to the study of infrastructure that now combine to make the topic of such compelling socio-political, technological, media-informatic, cultural, historical, and artistic interest across the disciplines? In this talk, Alan Liu provides an introduction to “critical infrastructure studies,” focusing on why multi-disciplinary perspectives–sometimes tensely divergent in their premises even when converging to make, for example, a “bridge” or a “barrier”–are needed to imagine good infrastructure as the foundation for “good systems.” In the case of the University of Texas “Bridging Barriers” Grand Challenges initiative, for example, how many different ways are there to understand what a bridge or a barrier is good for (and for whom)?
  • Citations for the works in the “primer” included in the talk: bit.ly/cistudies-primer