“Critical Infrastructure Studies — A Primer” (Furman U.)

“Critical Infrastructure Studies — A Primer.” Furman University, 12 November 2020, 1:30-2:30 pm Pacific time (4:30-5:30 Eastern time). (Lecture delivered by Zoom webinar: registration.)

  • Abstract: What have been the main approaches to the study of infrastructure that now combine to make the topic of such compelling socio-political, technological, media-informatic, cultural, historical, and artistic interest across the disciplines? In this talk, Alan Liu provides an introduction to “critical infrastructure studies,” focusing on why multi-disciplinary perspectives–sometimes tensely divergent in their premises even when converging to make, for example, a “bridge” or a “barrier”–are needed to imagine good infrastructure as the foundation for “good systems.”
  • Useful links for citations and other material mentioned in the talk: