“Advocating for the Humanities Today: 4Humanities.org and 4Humanities@UCLA” (UCLA)

“Advocating for the Humanities Today: 4Humanities.org and 4Humanities@UCLA.” UCLA. 24 October 2013.

Abstract: 4Humanities is an initiative that advocates for the humanities by drawing on the technologies, new-media expertise, and ideas of the international digital humanities community and also on research and projects from local chapters at various universities. Alan Liu will give an overview of the initiative’s goals and projects and then participate with UCLA faculty, staff, and students in planning for a possible 4Humanities@UCLA local group. What research activities and project-building could a group that taps into UCLA’s pool of talent and expertise engage in? How might a UCLA local group collaborate with other 4Humanities local research groups—e.g., the ones at UC Santa Barbara and CSU Northridge?