Class 10 (English 238 – Fall 2020)

Class Business

  • “Student Research Blogs & Starter Kits”
    • Blog posts (or essays) due Monday Dec. 14th
    • Starter kits (final adjustments to your kits can continue)
  • Please fill out course evaluations (online), deadline is Friday Dec. 11th at midnight.

Presentations of “Starter Kits”

  • 7 minutes maximum.
  • This time, we will not have discussion after each presentation.
  • Instead, we will have round-table discussion after all the presentations have been completed.
    • Take notes during presentations. We’ll start the round table by bringing to notice things that especially interest you or that are common threads. Plus we can make specific suggestions for people (or put them in chat).
    • If we have time at the end, I’ll ask a wrap-up question or two, such as:
      • What do you think about critical infrastructure studies?
      • What are the approaches you find most helpful?
      • What’s missing or problematic among the approaches?

Order of Presentations

Maile Young

Christina Roberts

Megan Reilly

Daniel Oshiro

Kelsey Moore

Cynthia Mcleod

Yiming Ma

Yan Liu

Surojit Kayal

Maria Job

Carmen Chan

Qiaoyu Cai

Aisha Anwar

Jahan Ahmed