Class 20 (English 146DS – Winter 2021)

Class Business

  • Please fill out the ESCI’s (by March 12)

Project Submission Procedure

  • Deadline:  Monday at 11:59pm
  • This is a “Group” submission on the GauchoSpace site:
    • Submit in a document the URL for your team’s story
    • Submit anything else you need to (e.g., the “Information for the Instructors” statement if you have broken that out separately from your data story)

Final Assignment (Solo Assignment #4)

Solo assignment icon Due March 15: Solo Assignment 4 — Essay About Project
20% of final grade

Each member of a team individually writes a three-page essay (approximately 900 words) that reflects critically on their team’s data narrative project. “Critically” means that the essay should identify both the strengths and problems of the specific data narrative, and possibly also those of data narratives in general.

The essay can begin with, or include, a description of the student’s team project and its essential message. But it must go beyond that to think critically about what works well and what doesn’t in the data narrative or in data narratives generally.

Conclude the essay with a paragraph offering a utopian vision of what the ideal version of the team data narrative would add if you all had the time and the resources.

Include notes that cite any sources, borrowings, or quotations used in the report.

This is a solo writing assignment. Of course, teams will have already discussed their data narrative project together. But each team member must write an essay individually without borrowing directly from anyone else’s writing. It is fine, however, to draw on collective team discussion that has already occurred so long as there is a clear footnote or endnote crediting the team (e.g., “This idea comes from our team discussion,” or, “I borrow with variation an idea that came up in our team discussion”).

Submit the essay as a PDF file through the course Gauchospace site here.

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  • Team 1
    • Andrew Bissell (STSDS)
    • Makenna Brown (ENGL)
    • Sabrina Elmoussaid (COMM)
  • Team 3
    • Caitlin Fitzpatrick (ANTHRO)
    • Nate Nevarez (ENGL)
    • Vishal Ramana (STSDS)
  • Team 2
    • Sabrina Li (ENGL)
    • Brian Ngo (STSDS)
    • Andy Nguyen (STSDS)
    • Nick Washington (COMM)
  • Team 4
    • Chris Ogaz (ENGL)
    • Serena Osmuss (STSDS)
    • Aamir Rehman (ME)