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Alan Liu
Thomas Pfau

Workshop for the 2005 NASSR Conference on "Deviance and Defiance"
(Montreal, Quebec, Aug. 16th, 10:45 am - 12:15)

This page contains a description and readings for the workshop. For the login for the password-protected readings, please contact Alan Liu (ayliu@english dot ucsb dot edu). (This page last revised 10/3/05 )

Workshop Topic

This workshop on "Development, Creativity, and Agency" explores new approaches to romantic and post-romantic understandings of "development" (Bildung) and "creation" (including today's much-valued "creativity" and "innovation"). How did romantic-era paradigms of development or innovation arise, change, and yield to today's paradigms? For example, do developmental or innovational models rooted in notions of the subject, agent, self-generation, differentiation, variation, reflexivity, or complexity (and their attendant institutions, disciplines, and ideologies) still apply in a "posthuman" age when the ultimate "builders," so-called, are the elementary, self-oblivious agents of emergence theory? Does nothing, in other words, originate or develop by "deviation and defiance" because it is all a matter of subject-agnostic "processing"? Or does the contemporary paradigm of processing need to be molded to at least some of the older notions of origination and development in order to be humanly meaningful?

Workshop Readings

The following two writings (downloadable in PDF format) are the basis of the workshop. Please read in advance if possible, since time will not permit more than an extract of these works to be presented for discussion at the session itself. (Access is password-protected and restricted to 2005 NASSR conference-goers signed up for the workshop with the conference organizers. If you have signed up but have not received a password, please write to Alan Liu at ayliu@english dot ucsb dot edu. Please also write to Alan if you have any trouble getting the downloads.)

Workshop Format

1 . At the workshop, Pfau and Liu will each start by taking 10-15 minutes to review/reflect on their own papers. (They will not be reading the papers.)

2. Each will then give a 15-minute response to the other that addresses areas of overlap or divergence between such topics as development, creativity, emergence, and agency.

3. Discussion with the workshop audience will follow for approximately 30 minutes.

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