Notes for Meeting with Data Science Curriculum Initiative Group (HDR Grant) – 2021 March 5

Briefing on Winter 2021 Version of English 146DS

“Data Stories: Theory and Practice of Data-driven Narratives in the Digital Age”

Prototype Course (Winter 2021)

  • Transcriptions Center course co-taught with the Transcriptions TA
  • 14 students (enrollment was capped at 18)
    • 5 STSDS majors
    • 3 COMM (or PRCOM) majors
    • 4 ENGL majors
    • 1 ANTH major
    • 1 ME major
  • Students are working in four project teams (with the different majors distributed as evenly as possible among the teams)

  • How can we ensure a wide representation of majors?
    • Publicity for courses to both Data Science and domain area majors?
    • Ways to encourage cross-major understanding?
      • Workshops to break down students’ stereotypes about majors?
      • Intros to the domains?
  • Questions related to the STSDS majors (and future DS majors):
    • Their role in domain area courses
    • Programming language?
      • R vs. Python
    • (1) Proprietary vs. (2) Open vs. (3) “Free (but all  your data is public)” services/platforms?
      1. SPSS, ArcGIS, Tableau, etc.
      2. QGIS
      3. Tableau Public, Flourish, etc.

Course Concept & Structure

  • How can we share structured exercises and assignments across courses in the domain emphases?
  • Can we create a shared canon of datasets in different areas for projects? –vetted by faculty to ensure that they are:
  • Need for a campus policy (compliant with FERPA and other data privacy and ethical considerations) that provides guidance for assignments asking students to put their work online–e.g.,  online projects, blog posts, social media assignments.
    • Issues:
      • privacy
      • data permanence
      • intellectual property
      • use of proprietary services/platforms